Class Descriptions


Acrobatics or “Acro” is a combination of dance and gymnastics.  Cirque du Soleil popularized this form of dance. It focuses on concentration, balance, flexibility and control. At PULSE, we develop students’ flexibility and strength while teaching them acrobatic and gymnastic skills.  Acro will develop skills such as handstands, elbow stands, chest stands, cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings and aerials in a fun and safe environment. To master an Acro trick, students must develop a solid foundation in strength and flexibility, thus emphasis is placed on extensive conditioning and stretching. When students are learning new tricks, the instructor utilizes professional spotting techniques which is necessary, to not only ensure student safety, but also to instil confidence in the students as they master their technique.


Ballet is the foundation of dance technique and is carried into most other dance styles. Whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer, at PULSE we hold the highest regard for the training of our ballet dancers. Training is focused on repetition of simple movement at the barre as well as building the foundation of basic jumps. Body alignment, position of the head, and proper turnout are all used to develop and enhance proper ballet technique. Building on these fundamental techniques, the dancer develops a path for all subsequent advanced dance movements that are not limited to only ballet. The fluidity of motion mastered in the development years has direct application in contemporary, jazz and tap as well.

Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.)

As an awarding body, the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) Examinations Board offers an internationally recognized portfolio of examinations and assessments. They are designed to motivate and encourage students of all ages and levels of ability, through a systematic measurement of progress and attainment. The Royal Academy of Dance has an international reputation for ballet training excellence. The purpose of this training and the R.A.D. exams develop discipline, confidence in performance, and a personal sense of achievement.

At PULSE we offer R.A.D. graded and vocational ballet syllabus and exams classes. Certified Royal Academy of Dance ballet instructors teach our R.A.D. classes.

Contemporary Dance is a fusion of interpretive movement, incorporating ballet, jazz, lyrical, and modern technique.  There are no limits for choreography and expression in a contemporary class.  Emphasis is on moving 
in and out of traditional techniques while picking up on new, subtle 
movement challenges. Contemporary students an opportunity to explore their own style and tell a story through their movement. Due to the technical demands of this style, these classes are only for ages thirteen and up.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop music and dancing permeates our culture and has a unique and unmistakable style. Hip-Hop dance encompasses many of the classical dance styles, but is presented in a street or non-traditional format. The student is introduced to rhythm, musicality, control, dynamics, posture, and performance. The PULSE Hip Hop program is a favorite for students of all ages. The goal of these classes is to provide a framework of choreography in which each dancer will be able to add their own personal style and attitude.


This is a fun and exciting dance form. Students will perform warm–up exercises for the development of basic dance technique. At the conclusion of the warm-up, the students perform movements across the floor that stresses the technical approach to dance steps. The culmination of the lesson is the learning and performing of a dance combination. It is a great way to help their co-ordination and build their cardiovascular levels in an energetic and performance-filled setting.


Lyrical is a beautiful dance form that combines the techniques and movements of both jazz and ballet. In this form a dancer takes on the role of an actor and tells a story through technique and emotion. Dancers don’t express how they’re feeling with voice, but with facial expressions and body dynamics. This type of dance challenges choreographers and dancers to use motion as an artistic form of expression.

Musical Theatre

This class will be a combination of original and sometimes zany choreography based on Broadway shows and repertoire. This class is a great place to learn, grow, and develop self-confidence in musical theatre skills. Singing, dancing, acting are the cornerstones of all great musical performers. This class will expand upon skills in every area with a focus on theatrical dancing.

At PULSE we strongly believe that acting is a life skill that develops creativity, collaboration and communication. These are vital skills for today’s classrooms and tomorrow’s working adults. Our program provides fun-filled and meaningful theatrical experiences while producing full-scale musicals, which include singing, acting, and dancing from ages five to nineteen.


Tap is a combination of dance and percussion and it explores a variety of styles including the two traditions of rhythm tap (hoofing) and Broadway tap. Each 
of these styles focus on exercises that increase control, coordination, and 
rhythm. Classes include across the floor exercises that teach dynamics, 
shading, phrasing, and musicality along with extended rhythmic phrases and 
improvisation exercises centre floor. The goal is to develop tap dancers 
that are strong musicians, dancers, and performers.