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At PULSE we strongly believe that acting is a life skill that develops creativity, collaboration and communication. These are vital skills for today’s classrooms and tomorrow’s working adults. Our program provides fun-filled and meaningful theatrical experiences while producing full-scale musicals, which include singing, acting, and dancing from ages 5 to 19.

Musical Theatre (Ages 4-18)

This class will be a combination of original and sometimes zany choreography based on Broadway shows and repertoire. It is a great place to learn, grow, and develop self-confidence in musical theatre skills. Singing, dancing, acting are the cornerstones of all great musical performers. This class will expand upon skills in every area, with a focus on theatrical dancing.

PULSE Productions (Ages 7-19)

PULSE Productions is a unique educational and social experience. This is a class for students who are serious about learning the skills required to perform in musical theatre. Singing, voice work, choreography, movement, improvisation and character development will be incorporated in this performance-based class, set in a professional company format.

The curriculum for this course is progressive in nature including concrete goals. In this program, students of ages 7 to 19 learn to think and work creatively, both independently and collaboratively, in a supportive and forward-thinking environment. A full-scale production is staged, with full sets and costumes, and is performed in the Spring.

2016 Spring Production of Anne of Green Gables

Ann of Green Gables


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